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The Noel Coward Foundation was set up as a charitable Trust in 2000 by Graham Payn and Dany Dasto. The Trust Deed states the following objects:

  1. The advancement of education and Drama by the promotion, whether in England or elsewhere, of the education of students and other persons in the arts of drama and the theatre.
  1. Such other charitable purposes in connection with the arts of drama and the theatre

The Foundation will aim to serve its objects by looking at applications from anywhere in English Speaking territories.

The Trustees does not offer direct production funding but will instead consider applications from companies producing the work of Noel Coward who wish to institute schemes to extend the reach of their audience or provide educational resources. In addition the Trustees will consider applications from companies and organisations in the Arts field with particular but not exclusive emphasis on those entering or in the early stages of a career in the profession.

The Trustees will not generally award money to individuals except through organisations and companies who might themselves wish to make awards to individuals. Thus, no applications from individuals will be considered.

Mindful of the fact that Noel Coward was an artist who covered theatre, music, film and literature, the Trustees will give consideration to applications across all areas of the Arts.

The level of the Award is at the total discretion of the Trustees who will take into account  the resources available. As a guide the Trustees will set a recommended level at the beginning of each year. The current level is £3000 - £5000 per annum.

Whilst Trustees are more likely to award single annual grants to successful first time applicants they will seek  to enter into longer term relationships of up to three years for existing clients.

Trustees meetings are generally held quarterly. The date of the next meeting will be posted on the website. Applications must reach the chairman of Trustees at least 14 days prior to the meeting to allow time for prior assessment. Applications not received in time shall be held over to the next meeting. In extreme circumstances the trustees will consider applications between meetings through email circulation but these are less likely to be successful.

All awards are at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.

Charities Number: 1082069 • For more information on Noël Coward go to


The Noël Coward Foundation

André Bishop
Sir Cameron Mackintosh
Michael Attenborough

List of Trustees:
Alan Brodie (chair)
Robert Lee (secretary)
Maria Aitken
Dany Dasto
Barry Day (USA)
Robert Gardiner
Geoffrey Johnson (USA)
Peter Kyle
Christopher Luscombe
Alan Pally (USA)
Rosy Runciman
Caroline Underwood
John H Knowles

The next meeting of the Foundation will be on:

Thursday, 23rd February, 2017

No new applications are to be considered at this meeting.

The Noël Coward Foundation
Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
Paddock Suite
The Courtyard
55 Charterhouse Street


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