The Noël Coward Foundation



By letter (*) outlining:
1. An introduction to your organisation.
2. Reasons for the application to the Noël Coward Foundation.
3. Any connection to Noël Coward or his work.
4. The proposal.
5. The amount requested and where possible a break-down of costs.
6. A cash flow showing when funds are required.
7. Acknowledgement that will be accorded to the Foundation.

* Please send your application to the chairman of the Foundation Trustees:

The Noël Coward Foundation
Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
Paddock Suite
The Courtyard
55 Charterhouse Street


The next meeting of the Foundation will be on:

Thursday, 10th November, 2016

Applications should be received by:

Tuesday 28th October, 2016


The Trustees require a report of the event with as much detail as possible, describing how the money was used and the benefits that accrued.  If appropriate, details of the event and photographs may be posted on the Foundation website together with a link to your website.